Social Support Act (Wmo 2015)

Municipalities must help people to live at home for as long as possible. They can provide various forms of support at home under the terms of the Social Support Act (known in Dutch as the Wmo 2015).

Social support at home

Municipalities are responsible for assisting people who are unable to independently arrange the care and support they need. Municipalities provide services like:

  • coaching/companionship and day activities
  • temporary respite for informal carers
  • a place in sheltered accommodation for people with psychiatric disorders
  • emergency shelters for victims of domestic violence.

Support appropriate for your individual situation

When you ask the municipality for support, they will assess your personal situation.

Personal budget (PGB)

Under certain conditions the municipality may award a personal budget (PGB). You can use this sum to arrange and pay for your own support services. The money is not transferred to your own account. Instead the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) manages your PGB and pays your care provider’s bills.

Your own contribution

Municipalities may ask you to pay a contribution towards the costs of the support they provide. Go to the Central Administrative Office (CAK) website for an indication of how much your own contribution will be (in Dutch).

Applying for care or support

Every municipality arranges access to support in its own way. Some have set up a social support desk (Wmo-loket). Many have opted for neighbourhood social support teams (sociale wijkteams) which people can contact if they need assistance. The tasks of the teams differ from one municipality to another.