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New elections to be held next year on St Eustatius

In October 2020 the people of St Eustatius will again go to the polls to elect a new island council. These elections are the next ...

News item | 24-09-2019 | 14:30

Central government commissioner St Eustatius appointed

Today, state secretary Knops (Kingdom Relations) has appointed Marcolino (Mike) Franco as central government commissioner of St ...

News item | 07-02-2018 | 19:50

Parliament approves state intervention in St Eustatius

A law providing for administrative intervention in St Eustatius was adopted today by the House of Representatives and the Senate. ...

News item | 06-02-2018 | 22:48

Central Government intervenes on St. Eustatius

Today, State Secretary Raymond Knops (Kingdom Relations) submitted a bill to the House of Representatives which authorises the ...

News item | 05-02-2018 | 11:05

Integrity Chamber for St Maarten

The Council of Ministers for the Kingdom has approved an order in council for the Kingdom, proposed by Minister of the Interior ...

News item | 07-04-2017 | 14:30

Child benefit in Caribbean Netherlands now also for low-income families

If parliament gives its approval, parents with children under 18 in Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba will receive child benefit ...

News item | 10-09-2015 | 14:10

Appointments to Joint Court of Justice

Ms F.V.L.M. Giebels-Wannyn, Ms J.G.J. Schelling and Ms A.J. Martijn are to become trainee judges at the Joint Court of Justice of ...

News item | 12-06-2015 | 18:59

Koenders strengthens links between Caribbean countries of the Kingdom and Latin American partners

From Monday 4 to Monday 11 May foreign minister Bert Koenders will visit the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the ...

News item | 04-05-2015 | 17:08

Child benefit for entire Caribbean Netherlands

Child benefit is being introduced in Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba. Following a proposal by Jetta Klijnsma, State Secretary for ...

News item | 24-04-2015 | 16:38

Evaluation committee appointed under the Financial Supervision (CuraƧao and St Maarten) Act

Following a proposal by the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk, the Council of Ministers for the ...

News item | 02-04-2015 | 15:43