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  1. Organisation chart Commissariat for Military Production

    Organisation chart of the Commissariat for Military Production (CMP) as of September 2023.

    Publication | 11-09-2023

  2. Dutch Defence and Security related Technological and Industrial Base

    Presentation of results of the research into the Dutch defence and Security related Technological Industrial Base (NLDTIB).

    Report | 31-05-2022

  3. Defence Industry Strategy

    Report | 30-11-2018

  4. How can I bid for contracts on NATO projects?

    Companies can bid for contracts from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) through contract award procedures.

    Question and answer

  5. How does the Ministry of Defence purchase materiel?

    The Ministry of Defence purchases a great deal of materiel and services. It does so by means of contract award procedures.

    Question and answer