Using proof of recovery to generate a COVID Certificate (for people living in the Netherlands)

Please note: From 1 July 2023 the European rules that allow COVID certificates to be issued in the CoronaCheck app will expire. You can download or print a COVID certificate on before 1 July. This COVID certificate will remain valid for one year. Have you been using the CoronaCheck app? Then open the app before 1 July 2023. Your certificates will remain available in the app until 1 January 2024, only on your mobile phone. See also: From 1 July Digital COVID Certificates will no longer be issued.If you have had coronavirus, you can get proof of recovery. Proof of recovery shows that you previously tested positive for coronavirus. You may need this proof to travel to a country outside the EU/Schengen area.

Please note: This page is no longer up to date but will be updated soon. In the meantime, for the most recent information, go to the page on Preventing respiratory infections.

Requirements for proof of recovery for travel

If you want to use your proof of recovery to travel, you can only do this if you tested positive:

  • on a test conducted by the municipal health service (GGD);
  • on a test conducted by another test provider and that test provider passed on your test details to the GGD; 
  • at least 11 days ago;
  • no longer than 180 days ago.

From 24 May 2022 you can also generate proof of recovery for travel purposes based on a positive antigen test result. This is also possible if the positive antigen test result is from before 24 May 2022.

Information retrieved from GGD system only

CoronaCheck retrieves positive test results from the municipal health service (GGD). The GGD system contains the results of all tests conducted by the GGD. CoronaCheck can also convert positive results of tests conducted by other test providers into proof of recovery. However, the test provider must pass on the details to the GGD.

Positive self-test

If your self-test is positive and you need proof of recovery, get tested by the GGD (

Serological test not sensitive or precise enough

You cannot prove that you have recovered from COVID-19 using a serological test because:

  • these tests are not always sensitive enough to show a person’s level of immunity; and
  • the result does not show when the infection occurred. Proof of recovery is only valid for 180 days from the day of the positive test.  

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Sanquin do however use serological tests for population screening.  

Retrieving proof of recovery via CoronaCheck

There are two options for getting a QR code:

Your proof of recovery will state the date until which it is valid.

Validity proof of recovery

180 days after your positive test result your proof of recovery will no longer be valid. If you want to travel after that, you will have to get one dose of the vaccine (for proof of vaccination) or be able to show a negative test result.

Proof of recovery was previously valid for longer. In the CoronaCheck app the validity period has been corrected automatically.

One dose is sufficient if you have had coronavirus

If you have had coronavirus, one dose of the vaccine will provide you with sufficient protection. Once you have received one dose of the vaccine, you can request proof of vaccination. Of course, you can choose to receive two doses if you prefer.

Unable to retrieve proof of recovery