Using proof of vaccination to generate a COVID Certificate (for people living in the Netherlands)

Please note: From 1 July 2023 the European rules that allow COVID certificates to be issued in the CoronaCheck app will expire. You can download or print a COVID certificate on before 1 July. This COVID certificate will remain valid for one year. Have you been using the CoronaCheck app? Then open the app before 1 July 2023. Your certificates will remain available in the app until 1 January 2024, only on your mobile phone. See also: From 1 July Digital COVID Certificates will no longer be issued.If you have been vaccinated against coronavirus, you can get proof of vaccination using CoronaCheck.

Generate your QR code using CoronaCheck.

Generating proof of vaccination

Until 1 July 2023, you can generate a digital certificate in the CoronaCheck app or at You can also print a paper certificate at This paper certificate can be used for 1 year after that.

You can also generate proof using your overview of vaccinations on (choose English) or through the organisation that vaccinated you.

If you gave permission for your data to be passed on to RIVM, the organisation that vaccinated you will have done so. You can access your overview of vaccination on (choose English). If you did not give permission, you can do this now. Or you can ask the organisation that vaccinated you for an overview of your vaccinations.

Proof of vaccination for travel

You do not need a COVID Certificate to travel to countries within the European Union. For countries outside the European Union, different requirements may apply. You may need proof of vaccination. That’s why you should always check the travel advice on (in Dutch) before you leave.

Confirmation in yellow vaccination booklet

If you have a yellow vaccination book, you can insert your registration card into it. You can also have the GGD record your vaccination in your booklet.

You can have your vaccination entered into your booklet any time after you were vaccinated. To find out where and how to do this, go to the website of the GGD that vaccinated you.