Requirements and validity proof of vaccination

Your proof of vaccination for travel in Europe is valid for 270 days after your last dose in the primary vaccination series. Getting a booster vaccination extends the validity of your proof of vaccination until a new end date is set. 

Validity of proof of vaccination: QR code expires after 270 days

Your proof of vaccination is valid for 270 days after your primary series vaccination(s). After that period of 270 days, can no longer use their QR code to travel in Europe. 

As of 6 April 2022 the validity of proof of vaccination for under-18s has changed. If you are under 18, proof that you completed your initial vaccination series is valid indefinitely within the EU/Schengen area. Some scanning software has not yet been updated to check this. You can always prove that you are under 18 using your passport or ID card.

Validity of proof of vaccination abroad

Other countries may have different rules for the validity of proof of vaccination. These rules can be found in the travel advice on

After the primary series: valid proof of vaccination

You can obtain proof of vaccination once you have received the primary series of vaccination. ‘Primary series’ means the following:

You can still get coronavirus

You are not fully protected against coronavirus immediately after vaccination. You can still get the virus or pass it on. Keep this in mind. For instance if you go out or invite someone to your house.

No effect on proof of vaccination

If you are fully vaccinated and then test positive, it does not affect your proof of vaccination in CoronaCheck. But you must still follow the rules, self-isolate and avoid contact with other people. Otherwise you could pass the virus on to other people.

No valid proof of vaccination

If you don’t have valid proof of vaccination (yet), or if you were vaccinated abroad, find out what you can do to get proof of vaccination.