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Speech Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the UN-water High-level Political Forum Special Event

“This meeting is taking place at a defining moment. Not only is the world on the verge of spending trillions of dollars to boost ...

Speech | 10-07-2020

Leaflet: How do I use a non-medical face mask?

See this leaflet for instructions how to use a non-medical face mask. 

Leaflet | 10-07-2020

Speakingnote minister Van Veldhoven for opening session HLPF

‘Our response must be strong and undivided. Not only in finding an effective vaccine for the COVID 19 virus. But also in getting ...

Speech | 07-07-2020

Information for passengers flying to and from the Netherlands

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has put additional rules in place for ...

Publication | 07-07-2020

Poster: Information on coronavirus test results

If you have symptoms, get tested and stay home. In this folder you’ll find information regarding your test results and what to do ...

Publication | 07-07-2020

Factsheet: Testing children for coronavirus

If your child has one or more symptoms of COVID-19 you can make an appointment to get them tested. How you do this depends on ...

Publication | 07-07-2020

Temporary amendment to the visa-issuing process at the external border (Schiphol) for seafarers

Publication | 06-07-2020

Vacaciones en los Países Bajos: preguntas frecuentes

Desde el 15 de junio, los turistas de varios países de la UE/Schengen y el Reino Unido pueden venir de vacaciones a los Países ...

Publication | 29-06-2020

Urlaub in den Niederlanden: häufig gestellte Fragen

Touristen aus EU/Schengen Ländern sowie Großbritannien können wieder in den Niederlanden Urlaub machen.

Publication | 29-06-2020

Vacances aux Pays-Bas: foire aux questions

Les touristes des pays de l’Union européenne/Schengen et du Royaume-Uni pourront de nouveau se rendre en vacances aux Pays-Bas.

Publication | 29-06-2020