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  1. COVID-19: childcare for children of people working in crucial sectors

    Remote education only is currently provided for primary and secondary school pupils. The same applies to students in secondary ...

    Publication | 15-12-2020

  2. Television address by Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands

    Prime Minister Rutte addresses the country on new lockdown measures in the Netherlands.

    Speech | 14-12-2020

  3. Europeanising health policy in times of coronationalism

    The COVID-19 crisis has prompted the European Union (EU) to rethink its health policy, or rather those of its policies that ...

    Report | 30-11-2020

  4. Temporary amendment to the visa-issuing process at the external border (Schiphol) for seafarers signing on due to consular departments being closed down because of the COVID-19 measures

    Various Dutch embassies have been forced to close for shorter or longer periods of time since the start of COVID-19.

    Publication | 12-10-2020

  5. Letter about SARS-CoV-2 infections on mink farms

    Minister De Jonge and minister Schouten send a letter about the situation regarding SARS-CoV-2 infections on mink farms, the ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 28-08-2020

  6. Leaflet - coronavirus testing for tourists

    Information on coronavirus testing for tourists visiting the Netherlands. 

    Publication | 25-08-2020

  7. Letter about advise on the situation relating to COVID-19 in mink

    The Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CIb) sends a letter advising on the situation relating to COVID-19 in mink.

    Letter | 24-08-2020

  8. Poster - How does contact tracing work?

    If you test positive for coronavirus, the municipal health service (GGD) will carry out contact tracing. This will help us ...

    Publication | 18-08-2020

  9. Declaration of relationship for COVID-19 entry ban exemption

    The Dutch govenrment has decided to ease the travel ban on the entry of partners from third countries engaged in a long-distance ...

    Form | 25-07-2020

  10. Letter about advise in response to OMT-Z mink and SARS-CoV-2

    The Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CIb) sends a letter in response to OMT-Z mink and SARS-CoV-2

    Letter | 17-07-2020