Counterterrorism Alert System

The Counterterrorism Alert System is a warning system for both the Dutch government and Dutch businesses in the event of an increased terrorist threat level. The system is managed by the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV).

Alert system gives a warning in the event of an increased threat level

The Counterterrorism Alert System warns the police, municipalities and key sectors (such as drinking water companies and the energy sector) in the event of an increased threat level. This means that rapid action can be taken to reduce the risk of an attack or minimise its impact.  The system is aimed at professionals who may be affected by terrorist threats.

Alert levels

The Counterterrorism Alert System has 4 alert levels:

  • standard;
  • low threat;
  • moderate threat;
  • high threat.

Each alert level corresponds to certain security measures. The greater the threat, the tougher the measures taken.