What does the emergency kit contain?

An emergency kit contains the main items you need in an emergency. Assembling an emergency kit is easy. You probably have most of the items at home already. 

Items for an emergency kit

You will need the following items for your emergency kit:

  • a flashlight, charged powerbank and additional batteries;
  • copies of identity documents and important telephone numbers;
  • cash;
  • a battery-powered or clockwork radio, tuned to the emergency radio station (e.g. your regional radio station);
  • candles (or tea lights) and matches; 
  • a first aid kit with instructions;
  • blankets to keep you warm;
  • tools (such as a hammer, saw and pliers);
  • spare keys for your house and car;
  • toilet paper, hand wipes, soap or hand sanitiser, sanitary towels, toothpaste and toothbrush;
  • whistle to help the emergency services locate you;
  • 3 litres of water per person per day, and non-perishable food (e.g. tinned beans).