What does the emergency kit contain?

An emergency kit contains the main items you need in an emergency. You can buy a ready-made emergency kit or make one of your own.

Buying an emergency kit

You can buy ready-made emergency kits from various retailers. If the emergency kit features the 'Plan Ahead' (Denk Vooruit) logo (yellow face with black outline), you can be sure that it contains the most important items. That does not mean that every kit without this logo is incomplete. A standard emergency kit is not completely tailored to your individual circumstances. Sometimes you will need to supplement it, for example with medicines or baby food.

An emergency kit contains the following basic items:

  • battery-operated radio, tuned to the emergency radio station, with additional batteries;
  • flashlight with additional batteries;
  • first aid kit with manual;
  • matches in waterproof packaging;
  • tea lights;
  • thermal blankets;
  • tool kit;
  • survival whistle.

Making your own emergency kit

There is a good chance that you already have a lot of the items needed for the emergency kit lying around at home. In that case you can make your own emergency kit (in Dutch). Check every six months to make sure your kit is still complete and that perishable items have not expired.