Reducing the number of robberies

Robbery is a serious crime with far-reaching consequences for the victims and their family and friends.

The government wants to reduce the number of robberies during this term of office to no more than 1,900 a year.

Combating robberies

The Robbery Task Force has been established to reduce the number of robberies and increase the number of criminals caught. The task force has prepared the Integrated Robbery Action Programme. To take the 100-plus actions and measures in the programme, the Minister of Security and Justice has introduced the national Violent Property Crime Programme.

The actions include:

  • appointing a national public prosecutor responsible for dealing with robberies;
  • establishing dedicated teams in all police regions to investigate robberies, e.g. by conducting forensic investigations and interviewing witnesses;
  • introducing targeted police surveillance and searches at places where many robberies occur;
  • encouraging preventive measures by private parties such as the use of surveillance cameras and PIN payments;
  • individual supervision and aftercare for robbers, such as banning orders, reporting obligations and help finding housing and work;
  • victim support, e.g. visits and assistance for victims of a robbery from Victim Support Netherlands.

The measures will strengthen the position of municipalities and help the mayor, chief of police and public prosecutor in the fight against this type of crime.

Crime prevention in shopping and entertainment areas

The government is encouraging and helping entrepreneurs to take preventive measures to stop robberies, for example in the form of staff training, PIN payments and security equipment. Businesses and municipalities are working together to increase surveillance at places where many robberies occur. The Safe Night Out Warranty (KVU) is a tool for local initiatives to increase safety in entertainment areas. Bars, restaurants, the police and municipalities are working together on these initiatives. The Safe Businesses Warranty (KVO, in Dutch) will systematically improve the safety of shopping areas and business parks.

Grant for security locks and additional locks

Victims of a robbery can recover up to €1,000 of the cost of preventive measures, such as cameras, security locks and additional locks. This temporary grant is available to businesses and individuals. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund will implement a temporary scheme to encourage such measures in homes and businesses.

Victims of robberies

Victims must receive support following a robbery. Victim Support Netherlands provides assistance in the form of practical and legal advice and emotional support following a traumatic incident.

Reporting crime

Crime can be reported on the anonymous crime reporting website, M.
There are also other systems such as SMS Alert and Citizens Network through which the public can provide information and help investigations.