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Cyber Security Council invested

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice today officially invested the Cyber Security Council (CSR). Under the shared ...

News item | 30-06-2011 | 11:03

Teeven glad with European agreement on combating sexual exploitation of children

State Secretary Teeven for Security and Justice is pleased about the agreement the Member States of the European Union have ...

News item | 29-06-2011 | 11:45

Analysis unauthorised absence TBS in 2010

In 2010, 41 TBS-convicted persons were absent without authorisation during their leave. At the request of the Lower House, State ...

News item | 29-06-2011 | 11:37

Outflow of Personnel from Correctional Institutions for Young Offenders on Course

The measures taken by State Secretary Teeven for Security and Justice to reduce the vacancy rate in Dutch correctional ...

News item | 29-06-2011 | 11:34

Fire safety in prisons and TBS clinics improved

The fire safety in prisons, TBS clinics and other custodial institutions has improved significantly in recent years. The four ...

News item | 29-06-2011 | 11:32

Cleaners arrested at Schiphol Airport for drug smuggling

Detectives of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary, Customs and the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) ...

News item | 27-06-2011 | 13:48

More severe punishments for at-risk youths

With the introduction of adolescent criminal law, State Secretary Teeven for Security and Justice has announced a broad set of ...

News item | 25-06-2011 | 11:52

Committee: the current system of the Opium Act does not have to be changed

The current system of two lists in the Opium Act, including hard and soft drugs, does not have to be changed. This is stated in ...

News item | 24-06-2011 | 11:56

Mercuur ‘nets’ 400 kilos of cannabis

On Thursday 16 June, during a patrol for the Frontex border control operation in the Mediterranean, naval ship HNLMS Mercuur ...

News item | 23-06-2011 | 13:40

Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection

The Council calls attention to detained juveniles with a mild mental impairment. A large part of the juveniles detained in secure ...

News item | 22-06-2011 | 12:20