Applying for a loan to restore a listed building (Restauratiefonds-hypotheek)

You may be eligible for a low-interest loan if you are the owner of a listed building, such as a listed home, a monastery or a windmill, and you wish to carry out restoration works. This is called a Restauratiefonds-hypotheek (Listed Building Mortgage).

Last updated on 13 December 2021

Eligibility for a Restauratiefonds-hypotheek

To receive a Restauratiefonds-hypotheek, you must meet certain conditions, e.g. you have not yet started the restoration work. The Restauratiefonds website lists all eligibility conditions for the Restauratiefonds-hypotheek (in Dutch).

Applying for a Restauratiefonds-hypotheek

Applications for a Restauratiefonds-hypotheek are made digitally to Restauratiefonds.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Heritage Law, Article 7.8

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