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Annexes: 'Dialogue and Dissent'

Annex 1: DAC list of ODA recipents Annex 2: Corporate rates 2014 Annex 3: COCA Format

Regulation | 13-05-2014

Application form: 'Dialogue and Dissent'

Regulation | 13-05-2014

Policy framework: “Dialogue and Dissent”

Strategic Partnerships for Lobbying and Advocacy.

Regulation | 13-05-2014

“Dialogue and Dissent”. Strategic partnerships for ‘lobby and advocacy’

Based on this call a maximum of 25 civil society organizations or consortiums consisting of civil society organizations will be...

Decree | 13-05-2014

Letter to Parliament: response to policy review 'Towards a new definition of development cooperation'

Letter from Minister Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) to the House of Representatives with the government...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 05-03-2014

Policy Memorandum International Migration and Development 2008

Report | 03-02-2014

Application Form International Migration and Development Fund

Standard application form for the International Migration and Development Fund 2014.

Form | 16-01-2014

Administrative Rules and Grant Ceiling (Migration and Development Programme 2014)

Regulation | 16-01-2014

A World to Gain

A New Agenda for Aid, Trade and Investment

Report | 16-01-2014

IOB Study - Linking Relief and Development - More than old solutions for old problems?

The need to link relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD) has been discussed for decades. Yet, in practice, there is...

Report | 28-11-2013