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  1. Final Evaluation of Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women (FLOW 2) 2016–2020

    Evaluation conducted between Sept ‘21- Feb ‘22 by IOD PARC. The main objective was to assess to what extend the strategies and ...

    Report | 03-02-2022

  2. Evaluation intermédiaire projet Appui Sécurité Alimentaire-Résilience Populations aux Crises Climatique-Sociale Région de Mopti (PASARC II-CCC)

    Evaluation intermédiaire du projet "Appui à la Sécurité Alimentaire et à la Résilience des Populations aux Crises Climatique et ...

    Report | 31-12-2021

  3. Evaluation du projet de promotion de la sante et des droits sexuels et reproductifs (PSDSR) au Bénin

    This report is in French. With regard to program activities and approaches, the conclusion is that the programme has provided ...

    Report | 20-12-2021

  4. How to use the IATI Standard

    The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) has defined an open data standard for development cooperation. These ...

    Publication | 14-12-2021

  5. Mid-term evaluation of Feeder Roads’ Improvement and Maintenance Project

    Mid-term evaluation of Feeder Roads’ Improvement and Maintenance Project (FRIMP) with financial support from the Royal ...

    Report | 30-11-2021

  6. Evaluation of the PBL-DGIS Covenant

    The objective of the present study is to evaluate the Covenant 2018-2021 between the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency ...

    Report | 30-08-2021

  7. Mobilised private (climate & biodiversity) finance report 2020

    This report summarises the mobilisation of private (climate & biodiversity) finance for developing countries by Dutch public ...

    Report | 09-07-2021

  8. End-Term Review WaterWorX programme - Phase 1

    This review of the WaterWorX programme was conducted to monitor the progress of the programme for accountability purposes, derive ...

    Report | 11-06-2021

  9. Revu du soutien du Royaume des Pays-Bas au Système de Santé de Mali

    This report looks back on 4 years of support to PRODESS III by the Dutch Embassy and what we learned from it. It mainly looks at ...

    Report | 31-05-2021

  10. Speech by Minister Sigrid Kaag at the meeting of the Development Committee of the World Bank Group

    Speech by Sigrid Kaag, the Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation at the meeting of the Development ...

    Speech | 06-05-2021