The Netherlands makes an additional €10 million available for humanitarian aid to Sudan

The Netherlands is making an additional €10 million available for emergency aid to Sudan. This additional assistance was announced by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher on Monday in Paris during a conference on the humanitarian situation in Sudan. The money will go to the World Food Programme to provide food to the Sudanese people.

‘The International Red Cross and Red Crescent is right about this becoming a forgotten crisis,’ says Ms Schreinemacher. ‘Sudan rarely makes the front pages even though nearly 18 million people there are facing acute hunger. It is imperative that we step up the international pressure, because a ceasefire is vital. The millions of Sudanese who have sought refuge throughout the region need prospects for the future.’

Unrestricted access

In Sudan not only is there a shortage of food, water and medicine, it is also incredibly difficult to get aid to those who really need it. According to the UN, only 10% of people facing hunger are currently receiving food aid. ‘In conflict areas it’s always hard to deliver aid safely. But in Sudan the warring parties are actively obstructing emergency assistance. Aid workers and aid deliveries are being blocked at the borders, and NGOs have to contend with all sorts of red tape. The warring parties must significantly improve access.’

In very hard-to-reach areas, local people are playing an important role in delivering aid. Women and young people are in many cases rising to the challenge and offering food, protection and medical assistance. The UN and other aid organisations can use the Netherlands’ contribution to support these local initiatives.

Aid to Sudan

The additional contribution brings the Netherlands’ support for emergency aid to Sudan in 2024 to a total of over €42 million. The Netherlands is also helping the Sudanese in other ways. The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has made $35 million available for assistance to Sudan, and the Netherlands contributes €55 million annually to CERF. The Netherlands also contributes to the reception of Sudanese refugees in neighbouring countries. Some 8 million Sudanese people have been internally displaced, and 2 million have fled to the surrounding countries.