How can I get the one-off energy allowance in 2023?

As in 2022, a one-off energy allowance is available in 2023 for people on low incomes. There is a separate one-off energy payment for students. In many cases, the allowance will be paid automatically to people who are eligible.

One-off energy allowance for low-income households in 2023

How much the allowance is varies from one municipality to another. In principle, the one-off energy allowance in 2023 is €800 per household, but each municipality is free to decide the exact amount.

Households are eligible for the one-off payment if their income is around the minimum income standard. Go to your municipality’s website to find out what the maximum income is for the one-off energy allowance in 2023.

Applying for the one-off energy allowance

Your municipality will automatically pay you the one-off energy allowance if: 

  • you received the one-off energy allowance in 2022 and still have a low income in 2023; or 
  • you receive social assistance benefit, income support for older and partially incapacitated unemployed workers or formerly self-employed persons (IOAW or IOAZ), or social assistance benefit for self-employed persons (BBZ) from your municipality; or 
  • you receive supplementary income support for the elderly (AIO) from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).
  • Your municipality decides when to pay the allowance. Go to your municipality’s website for more information.

One-off energy payment for students in 2023

Students are eligible for a one-off payment of €400 if:

  • on 1 October 2023 they receive the basic grant for students living away from home and the supplementary grant; or 
  • on 1 October 2023 they are no longer eligible for a basic grant and/or a supplementary grant, but they did receive a supplementary grant in the last month of their performance-related grant and have an outstanding student loan from DUO in October 2023.

DUO will send a letter to students who meet these requirements. They will automatically receive the energy payment. DUO will start making payments in January 2024.

For more information about the one-off energy payment for students in 2023 (in Dutch), go to

Impact of energy allowance on income, other benefits and assets

For most people, the energy allowance will not affect their eligibility for other benefits, such as housing benefit, healthcare benefit, childcare benefit, supplementary child benefit, unemployment benefit or sickness benefit. The energy allowance is not counted as income, so it will not reduce any benefits you may receive.

But if you save the money rather than spending it, your total assets (savings and investments) will increase. If the amount of your assets is too high, you could lose your eligibility for certain benefits. The asset ceiling is different for each type of benefit.