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Turkey’s chief EU negotiator visits The Hague

Turkey’s EU affairs minister and chief negotiator for the Turkish government on EU accession, Egemen Bağiş, visited Uri ...

News item | 08-04-2011 | 14:35

Minister Knapen speaks with Commissioner Lewandowski about the EU budget

Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen has given EU Commissioner for Budget and Financial ...

News item | 29-03-2011 | 12:31

EU budget must be overhauled

In the years to come, spending under the budget of the European Union, and the way it is financed, must be overhauled and the ...

News item | 28-03-2011 | 12:42

Transfer of prison sentences in Europe accelerated and simplified

EU member states have agreed to recognize each other’s sentences, so that sentenced persons can be transferred quicker and easier ...

News item | 25-03-2011 | 09:15

Rosenthal underscores importance of Macedonian reforms

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal met with his Macedonian counterpart Antonio Milososki on Wednesday to discuss Macedonia’s ambition ...

News item | 23-03-2011 | 00:00

EU to impose sanctions on Iran for human rights violations

EU foreign ministers have decided to adopt sanctions against human rights violators in Iran. Certain individuals will be banned ...

News item | 21-03-2011 | 00:00

Minister Rosenthal supports religious leaders in response to violence

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal spoke today with a group of spiritual leaders representing Christian and other religious ...

News item | 16-03-2011 | 00:00

Tunisian economy needs help restarting

The European Union must act quickly to help Tunisia put its economy in order, and to ensure that the political revolution comes ...

News item | 15-03-2011 | 00:00

EU must open its markets to North Africa

The European Union must open its markets to North African imports, including agricultural products. That was the message from ...

News item | 12-03-2011 | 00:00

Conditional support for Arab countries

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom believe the European Union should support the political and economic transformation taking ...

News item | 09-03-2011 | 00:00