Counterfeit seizures

Designer shoes, clothes, bags, expensive watches, CDs, DVDs and perfumes are counterfeited to profit from the success of the genuine articles. The legal term for this is intellectual property fraud. It is against the law to import such goods into the Netherlands. Customs will seize them and the importer will be fined.

Exemption for personal use

A very small number of counterfeit articles may be brought into the Netherlands for personal use. The rules are laid down in guidelines issued by the Public Prosecution Service (in Dutch). If Customs finds more articles in your luggage, it will seize them all and you will be fined.

The exemption applies only if you bring the goods into the country yourself. Customs will seize goods that are imported into the Netherlands by post or courier and you can be prosecuted.

The Ministry of Finance publishes annual figures on the number of counterfeit goods (in Dutch) seized by Customs. The figures are presented by year, type and source of the goods and place of interception.