I’m a victim of honour-based violence: how can I get help?

If someone threatens you with assault, abduction or any other form of violence, call the police immediately. If you need advice or shelter, contact ‘Veilig Thuis’, the domestic violence and honour-based violence helpline in your area.

Call the police

If you are being threatened with assault, abduction or any other form of violence and the situation is urgent, call the emergency number 112. If there is no emergency, call the general police number: 0900-8844. You can lodge a criminal complaint with the police if you have been assaulted or threatened. The police may then take steps to arrest the perpetrators.

You can also go to the police for advice. Their honour violence liaison officer has experience in dealing with families where honour-based violence is a problem. In complex cases, the liaison officer may consult the Dutch police’s National Expertise Centre on Honour-Based Violence.

Get help and advice

If you are not in immediate danger, contact the national domestic violence helpline (Veilig Thuis) on 0800-2000 (free of charge, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). From abroad, call +31 70 311 9007 (phone charges apply). Experienced counsellors can advise you on how to deal with honour-based violence in your situation. They give information and may also refer you to a shelter or a safe house where you can stay without giving your name. The Veilig Thuis helpline provides information, help and advice to anyone who needs it.

Shelter for victims of honour-based violence

If you do not feel safe in and around your home, you can go to a shelter. Contact the Veilig Thuis helpline for addresses and further information.