What forms of honour-based violence are there?

Honour-based violence takes many different forms. Most commonly, a girl or woman is abused, disowned by her family or forced to have an abortion. Women and girls are the most common victims of honour-based violence. However, men and boys can be victims, too.

Examples of honour-based violence

Honour-based violence includes:

  • physical abuse (kicking and beating);
  • psychological pressure (strict monitoring, humiliation, threats);
  • forced abandonment abroad (leaving someone in their country of origin or sending them back there);
  • forced marriage; 
  • marital captivity;
  • forced suicide;
  • honour killing (murder).

Motives for honour-based violence

The most common reasons for committing honour-based violence are:

  • conflicts of honour, for example concerning an inheritance;
  • loss of virginity outside marriage;
  • an extramarital affair;
  • rebellion against traditional forms of behaviour, dress or occupation;
  • insulting a family member;
  • not agree with a forced marriage;
  • homosexuality;
  • refusing to take part in honour-based violence against another person.