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  1. Human rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzib-Lie: The world needs courageous journalists like Titus Brandsma

    Address by Bahia Tahzib-Lie, Dutch Human Rights Ambassador at the Titus Brandsma Symposium: the Challenges for Journalism in ...

    Speech | 10-05-2022

  2. Pay scales for local employees 2021 (in Dutch)

    This information is referred to in the Grant policy framework Safety for Voices, in threshold criterion 4 paragraph C (D.4 C).

    Publication | 26-04-2022

  3. Appendix II (Safety for Voices): Budget model

    This Budget model has to be used for the budget for an application for Safety for Voices and has to be submitted as an Annex to ...

    Publication | 26-04-2022

  4. Safety for Voices grant policy framework 2022-2027

    Safety for Voices has the following policy objective: greater safety, both online and offline, for human rights defenders and ...

    Policy note | 26-04-2022

  5. Appendix I (Safety for Voices): Application form

    You can submit a grant application for the Safety for Voices by completing this Application Form. The Application Form needs to ...

    Publication | 26-04-2022

  6. Speech by Human Rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzi-Lieb on 10 years Shelter City

    Opening speech of the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, Bahia Tahzib-Lie on the 10th Anniversary of the Dutch Shelter City Program. ...

    Speech | 22-04-2022

  7. International Women’s Day 2022: Media Freedom Coalition Statement

    On International Women’s Day 2022, the undersigned members of the Media Freedom Coalition call attention to the safety of women ...

    Diplomatic statement | 08-03-2022

  8. Final Evaluation of Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women (FLOW 2) 2016–2020

    Evaluation conducted between Sept ‘21- Feb ‘22 by IOD PARC. The main objective was to assess to what extend the strategies and ...

    Report | 03-02-2022

  9. End of Project Evaluation: Women Occupy the Media (WOM)

    Together with civil society organisations, the Dutch MFA supported various initiatives that strengthened the rights and ...

    Publication | 31-01-2022

  10. Education lasts a lifetime: let’s give human rights a greater place in the classroom

    Max van der Stoel Human Rights Lecture by Bahia Tahzib-Lie, Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, 10 December 2021, The Hague.

    Speech | 10-12-2021