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  1. Formulario de nominación para el Tulipán de los Derechos Humanos 2020

    El Tulipán de los Derechos Humanos es un premio que concede el Gobierno de los Países Bajos a los defensores de los derechos ...

    Publication | 22-06-2020

  2. Human rights report 2019

    International human rights policy: activities and results.

    Report | 16-06-2020

  3. National Action Plan on human rights 2020

    The National Human Rights Action Plan 2020 describes how the government wants to protect and promote human rights in the ...

    Publication | 31-05-2020

  4. Synthesis Report of the Mid-Term Review for the Leading From the South

    The aim of this mid-term review was to assess the progress of the Leading from the South program (2017-2020) and to provide ...

    Report | 18-05-2020

  5. Human rights report 2018: International human rights policy; activities and results

    The report on the Netherlands’ worldwide human rights efforts in 2018 and the results achieved.

    Report | 22-10-2019

  6. Application overview on the Grant Policy Framework Human Rights Fund 2019-2021

    Publication | 18-10-2019

  7. Q&As on the Grant Policy Framework Human Rights Fund 2019-2021

    Document with questions-and-answers (Q&As) about the Grant Policy Framework of the Human Rights Fund 2019-2021.

    Publication | 03-09-2019

  8. Appendix V: ORIA Update Form

    Questionnaire to update an Organisational Risk and Integrity Assessment (ORIA). This information can be used in relation to the ...

    Publication | 29-03-2019

  9. Appendix III: Logframe

    Logframe format that applicants should use the logframe format to make clear how each point corresponds to the budget in relation ...

    Publication | 29-03-2019

  10. Appendix II: Corporate rates (in Dutch)

    Information for applicants/lead parties and co-applicants established in EU member states that do not use the euro and for ...

    Publication | 29-03-2019