Human Rights Fund

The Netherlands strives to protect and promote human rights all over the world. The government cannot do this on its own. The Human Rights Fund therefore supports organisations that work for human rights worldwide. 

The Human Rights Fund provides funding to organisations in three ways: through Dutch missions abroad (embassies and consulates-general), through calls for grant proposals, and through contributions to international organisations. The Fund focuses on the priorities of Dutch policy for human rights worldwide.

Funding through embassies

Part of the Human Rights Fund is made available through Dutch embassies and consulates-general for projects that focus on one specific country. You can contact the appropriate embassy about this funding.

Funding through calls for grant proposals

The ministry in The Hague disburses funding from the Human Rights Fund through calls for proposals. The Human Rights Report for 2020 gives information about previous grants. The current Safety for Voices call for proposals will be open for applications until 31 July 2022. 

Objective of the Safety for Voices 2022-2027 call for grant proposals

The objective of Safety for Voices 2022-2027 is to enhance the safety, both online and offline, of human rights defenders and journalists worldwide. Human rights defenders and journalists (media workers) play a key role in exposing human rights violations, protecting vulnerable groups and impelling governments to take responsibility. 

Grant applications for Safety for Voices 2022-2027

You can apply for a Safety for Voice grant using the application form. Applications must be submitted in English. You should first read the Safety for Voices 2022-2027 grant policy framework and appendices. These explain the conditions that applications must meet and the criteria for assessing them. Submit your application by email no later than 31 July 2022. 

Mail us in case you have any questions regarding the grant policy framework Safety for Voices

Check the Q&A for more information.

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