Which organisations are allowed to make a copy of my ID?

Only some organisations in the Netherlands are allowed to make a copy of your identification document (ID). For example, your employer and banks are allowed to do so. In practice, other organisations also ask for a copy of your ID. You are not obliged to give it to them. For some, recording only a couple of details is sufficient.

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Copy of your ID

Only a few organisations are allowed to ask for a copy of your ID. These include:

  • government bodies
  • banks
  • notaries
  • casinos
  • life insurers
  • your employer.

The company or organisation must inform you of the legal obligation that requires them to take a copy of your ID. More information on the legislation on or copying identity details can be found on the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Data Protection Authority) website in Dutch.

Blacking out details when copying or scanning

A telecom company may copy or scan your ID, but must black out the photo and the national identification number such as a Burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number), national insurance number or social security number.

Only note down details from ID

Some companies and organisations are required by law to copy some details from your ID. The school or your healthcare provider, for example. The hotel or campsite where you want to stay overnight will have to take some details also. Handing over your ID or a copy of your is then not necessary. Having the type of ID and its number written down is sufficient. For example, ‘Passport, NWLFR3706.’

Preventing a copy of my ID being used for fraudulent activities

Have you decided to make a copy of your passport, identity card or driving licence? Read what you can do to prevent the copy of your ID being used for fraudulent activities.