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What is the private copy levy?

The private copy levy compensates writers and artists for the losses suffered as a result of others making copies of their music ...

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Can I use other people’s texts, music or photographs?

You are permitted to make copies of other people’s texts, music and photographs provided that they derive from a legal source. ...

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How do I apply for a European patent?

To protect your innovative product or process in the European Union (EU), you can apply to the European Patent Office (EPO) for a ...

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When is an artist eligible for resale right protection?

Resale rights entitle artists to a share of the sale price when their artwork is resold. Every time an art market professional ...

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How can I protect my intellectual property rights?

The rights of intellectual property owners are laid down by law. If someone infringes your right to a protected idea or design, ...

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When is my company or organisation required to pay reproduction fees?

Publications such as books, newspapers and magazines are protected by copyright. Companies, government agencies, and educational ...

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How can I apply for a patent?

If you want to patent an invention, process or product, you should submit an application to the Netherlands Patent Office. In ...

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What are the criteria for patenting my invention?

You can protect your invention with a patent. A patent can be used to prohibit others from copying, selling or importing your ...

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