Dutch Ambassador Appointed as Diplomatic Representative of European-led Maritime Mission EMASoH

At its meeting in Brussels today, 17 February 2020, the Political-Military Contact Group (PCG) of the European-led Mission for Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH) decided to appoint Ambassador Jeannette Seppen, a Dutch diplomat, as Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) to EMASoH.

In complementarity with existing maritime security efforts and initiatives in the region, EMASoH aims to ensure a safe navigation environment and to lower the existing tensions in the Gulf region. The PCG agreed on mandating the SCR to contribute to achieving these objectives. More specifically, the SCR will collect views and conduct needs-based assessments on possibilities for confidence building measures to enhance maritime security in the region. The SCR will work in close coordination with key partners including EMASoH contributing countries, regional governments, the EU and international organizations such as the UN. The SCR will seek ways to complement existing diplomatic efforts and initiatives.

Ambassador Seppen previously served as Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Pakistan and Iraq and most recently as Senior Civilian to the NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI).