Entitlement to statutory minimum wage

If you work and are aged between 15 and state pension age you are entitled to the statutory minimum wage. This is the minimum you must receive.

Minimum youth wage

If you are younger than 21 you are entitled to the statutory minimum youth wage. The older you are, the higher the minimum wage. Your employer is obliged to pay you the new minimum wage as from your birthday.

Indexation of the minimum wage

The government adjusts the minimum wage twice a year – on 1 January and 1 July – in line with developments in average collectively agreed wages.

Flexi-workers also entitled to the minimum wage

Flexi-workers are also entitled to the statutory minimum wage. Flexi-workers include on-call employees and people who work at home.

Minimum wage for all contractors

The government also wants all contractors to be paid the minimum wage. Contractors are people who are not in permanent employment but are contracted to provide specific services. 

The proposal does not apply to self-employed persons without employees as they have a different position on the labour market.

Lower minimum wage for incapacity benefit recipients

If you work and receive an incapacity benefit under the WAJONG scheme for young disabled persons, your wage may be lower than the minimum wage in some cases. Your employer must apply to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for permission to pay less than the minimum wage.