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On our way towards connected and automated driving in Europe

On 15 February 2017 a High Level Meeting on connected and automated driving was held in the Netherlands. The results of this High ...

Leaflet | 18-05-2017

Speech minister Schultz at the first EU Conference on connected and automated driving

“The interest in connected and automated driving is gaining momentum. Large-scale cross-border testing is the only way to gather ...

Speech | 05-04-2017

Smart Mobility, building towards a new era on our roads

Developments in the field of smart mobility are occurring rapidly, and provide many opportunities in both the short and long ...

Publication | 04-04-2017

Word of welcome by Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, at the High Level Meeting on the Amsterdam Declaration

Because a lot still has to be done if we want to be ready in 2019 to introduce connected and automated vehicles on our roads!” ...

Speech | 15-02-2017

Can I use my phone while driving?

In the Netherlands, you are not allowed to hold a phone while driving. You can be fined if you do. Use your handset if your car ...

Question and answer

Report 'The cost of road crashes in the Netherlands'

An assessment of scenarios for making new cost estimates.

Report | 16-11-2016

What is the Declaration of Amsterdam on selfdriving and connected vehicles?

The Declaration of Amsterdam facilitates the introduction of connected and automated driving on Europe’s roads.

Question and answer

Are selfdriving vehicles allowed on Dutch roads?

The Council of Ministers has authorised RDW to grant exemption for large-scale test drives on public roads.

Question and answer

Speech by Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, at the European Space Solutions Conference, 30 May 2016

Speech | 01-06-2016

Remarks by Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment, on signing the Administrative Agreement on zero-emission public transport, Amsterdam

Environment Minister Sharon Dijksma addressed the joint meeting of the Environment and Transport Councils on Friday 15 April, ...

Speech | 15-04-2016