Road safety

The Netherlands has one of the best road safety records in Europe.

The number of road deaths is decreasing every year. In 2014 there were 570 road deaths, 11% fewer than in 2009. The Government is aiming to reduce the number of road deaths even further to less than 500 in 2020.

This will be done by clamping down on traffic offenders, providing extra protection for the most vulnerable including the elderly, children, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and allowing 17-year olds to drive, with the requirement that they are  accompanied by an experienced licensed driver.

Cooperation on road safety

In order to successfully implement the road safety policy, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment works closely with the provinces, urban regions, water boards and municipalities. These authorities are responsible for traffic safety on the roads under their jurisdiction.

The Ministry also works in close cooperation with various partners:

  • Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) operates at local, regional and national level on road safety neighbourhoods and streets and to prevent speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and road aggression.
  • Regionaal Orgaan Verkeersveiligheid (ROV). Each province has a ROV which provides information and education, and also advice on design and layout of infrastructure for safer traffic flows.
  • Scientific Research on Road Safety (SWOV)   carries out research directed to improving road safety. SWOV is an independent organisation and makes knowledge available to professionals involved with road traffic and road safety.
  • Landelijk Parket Team Verkeer (LPTV) and the police monitor that drivers observe the road traffic rules, fine offenders and prosecute serious offences in a court of law.
  • Team Alert is the road safety organisation run by young people for young people to make them aware of and to encourage responsible road use.

Road traffic signs and rules

Road traffic signs and rules are essential to ensure road safety and safe and efficient traffic movement.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in cooperation with the Regionaal Organen Verkeersveiligheid has published a brochure which sets out all road signs and traffic rules in the Netherlands.