Requesting permission to place a memorial for a traffic victim

You will need permission from the road authority if you wish to place a memorial for a traffic victim on the roadside. The road authority will be the national government, the province or the municipality.

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Conditions for a memorial to a traffic victim

The conditions that apply to placing a memorial along the road are as follows:

  • the memorial must not constitute a risk to road traffic safety; for example, it should not distract passers-by
  • vehicles should not stop at the memorial; for example, visitors to the memorial should not get in the way of traffic
  • the memorial should not be in the way of road works
  • the next of kin should pay the costs of arranging the memorial, as well as the costs of installing it and its upkeep

Requesting permission for a traffic victim memorial

You can apply to the road authority (in Dutch) for permission to place a memorial. Please consult the map on the RWS website to find out which authority has responsibility (in Dutch) for which parts of which road.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Maatregelen verkeersveiligheid, Kamerstukken II 2003/04, 29398, 13