Care for people with disabilities

Around 113,000 people living in the Netherlands have a serious intellectual, physical or sensory impairment. They need lifelong care and supervision, 24 hours a day. The government wants to invest extra effort in improving the care for these people, as well as their quality of life.

Working to improve disabled care together

The government’s aims:

Improving the position of people with a disability

People with a disability and their families should be able to make their own choices about the way they live their lives. This includes choices about their care and support.

Investing in people with special care needs

People with severe multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities or serious mental health problems have complex care needs. People with acquired brain injury and ageing people may also need comprehensive nursing and personal care as well as companion care and support.

Ensuring care professionals are competent and involved

Care professionals must have or acquire the skills to engage fully with patients. They will be given more professional freedom.  

Improving cooperation and governance

Managers must strive to achieve quality and improve cooperation between staff members within their institution and with institutions in other care domains.

Promoting transparency, technological innovation and cooperation

All this is set out in the letter to parliament entitled ‘Working together to improve disabled care’ (in Dutch)