Long-term care act (WLZ)

The WLZ provides for high-level care for vulnerable elderly people or people with severe mental or physical disabilities.

When is a person eligible for long-term care under the WLZ?

The Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ) decides whether a person is entitled to care under the WLZ. One basic requirement is that the person concerned needs constant care or supervision. If all the conditions are met, the CIZ will issue a WLZ care needs assessment. This is a decision stating that the person is entitled to long-term care.

What kind of long-term institutional care is available?

There are different kinds of residential care institutions, like nursing homes, care facilities for people with disabilities and mental healthcare centres. There, people who have a WLZ care needs assessment get all the support and care they need, including personal care and nursing.

Is it possible to get long-term care at home?

People who have a WLZ care needs assessment for long-term care may also choose to continue living at home, provided home care is practicable and cost-efficient in their situation. For instance, it must be safe and healthy for them to continue living at home. The regional care administration office discusses this with the person concerned and evaluates the situation.