Authorising someone to use DigiD to manage your affairs online

You can authorise someone else to manage your affairs online by providing them with a DigiD authorisation. For example, you can authorise a family member, a social worker or a tax adviser to use DigiD on your behalf.

Last updated on 5 October 2021

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DigiD authorisation for a specific task and period

You choose what the other person can do on your behalf, for example, managing your income tax affairs or applying for an energy label. You can also set the time period during which your authorised representative can act on your behalf, for example 1 year. Once that period has elapsed, the person you have authorised will no longer be able to access your data.

Applying for DigiD authorisation

To provide someone with a DigiD authorisation, you must first log in to your own DigiD account. You can also contact the DigiD helpdesk on +31 88 123 65 55.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

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