Accessing the national register of deceased persons (NRO)

The Nationaal Register Overledenen  – NRO (national register of deceased persons) contains personal data of residents in the Netherlands who have died since 1939. The register includes, for example, dates of birth and addresses. You can request information from the NRO, for example for genealogical research.

Last updated on 11 July 2022

Requesting information from the National Register of Deceased Persons

The NRO (in Dutch) is managed by the Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis –     CBG (centre for family history). You can contact the CBG to request an uittreksel (extract) from the NRO (in Dutch). You may only use the data for historical research purposes.

Accessing own personal data in the NRO

The NRO may also contain information about you, for example if one of your parents has died and you are listed as their child. Would you like to know whether there is any information about you in the NRO? Then contact the CBG.

You can also contact the CBG if the data held about you in the NRO is incorrect or if you do not want others to be able to access your data.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Law on the Personal Records Database, Article 4.7

Regulation on Personal Records Database (the old registers)