King’s Commissioners’ tasks

A King’s Commissioner has various tasks and powers. The Commissioner chairs both the provincial council and the executive, and is also a member of the provincial executive. In these roles the Commissioner monitors the quality of provincial policymaking and decision-making processes and also promotes the province’s interests.

King’s Commissioners’ central government tasks

King’s Commissioners also perform certain tasks for central government. For instance, they promote cooperation between the various institutions and organisations within the province and pay regular working visits to municipalities in their province. King’s Commissioners also check that the correct procedures are followed for appointing or reappointing mayors, and perform various tasks in the area of disaster management and safety.

Appointment of King’s Commissioners

King’s Commissioners are appointed by royal decree for a term of six years. They may be reappointed after their first term of office. The provincial council must give its recommendation on the appointment or reappointment of the King’s Commissioner.