Appointment and resignation of executive members

The elected representatives who sit on the provincial council appoint the members of the provincial executive for a four-year term. This is equal to the provincial council members’ term of office.

Appointment of executive members

After the provincial elections, the elected council members negotiate with each other on how many executive members each party may provide and who will be responsible for what policy area. The parties appoint their candidate executive members at a provincial council meeting.

Resignation of executive members

Executive members are accountable to the provincial council for their decisions. Executive members are sometimes made to resign, for instance, if the council thinks they are not doing their work properly. They may also have to resign if the executive member’s party has lost too many seats during elections to justify their being in the executive. In that case the executive member concerned will resign once the new executive has been appointed. Former members of the provincial executive are entitled to a benefit under the General Pensions (Holders of Political Office) Act, regardless of the reason for their resignation.