Operational management

The Directorate-General for Public Administration (DGOO) strives for a modern public administration. Public administration that is organized in a flexible way, and works towards developing an administration that shows good employer skills and effective use of technology. Besides that Information Society is seen as a central concept and the role of public administration is a derivative of the  society’s needs.

Operational management tasks

Directorate’s General for Public Administration main tasks are:

  • ensuring modern government employership that responds to the changes in the labour market and assumes high-quality professional workmanship;
  • making concrete proposals for the government’s role in the i-sociey and leading the internal administrative implementation and execution;
  • promoting optimal and efficient use of ICT in the Central Public Administration and setting the scope for Central Public Administration’s computerization;
  • developing unified Central Public Administration’s  operations, with added value for the primary process of the departments.