Organisation of the civil service

The Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector is responsible for the clear and efficient organisation of central government tasks – now and in the future. This minister’s tasks fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Organisation of supervisory tasks

The Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector is responsible for coordinating supervision of central government. The minister carries out general policy and sets the framework for supervisory tasks. 

Supervision blueprint

Supervision of central government must meet six requirements: it must be selective, effective, cooperative, independent, transparent and professional. These requirements are laid down in the policy on supervision set out in the 2005 Framework Blueprint for Supervision titled ‘Minder last, meer effect’ (‘Smaller Burden, Bigger Impact’).

Supervisory bodies

There are 10 national inspectorates and seven market regulators that operate at national level. The national inspectorates’ main task is to ensure that businesses and organisations comply with the law. Market regulators’ main task is to ensure that the market functions properly. Municipalities and partnerships between municipalities also have supervisory tasks.

National inspectorates

The national inspectorates are:

National inspectorates work together on a voluntary basis in the Inspection Council. 

Market regulators

The market regulators are:

They work together in the Consultation Forum of Regulatory Bodies.