Education for the children of Ukrainian refugees

  • Children from Ukraine have the right to education in the Netherlands. Parents register their child at a local school. Sometimes the municipal authority can help with this, for instance if the family are still living at a reception centre.
  • When the parents register their child, the school looks at the options available, together with the parents. This may include special reception classes for newcomers at a school with experience in helping refugee children.
  • Municipal authorities help parents in temporary reception centres to find schooling for their children. Parents are free to register their child at the school of their choice.

Step by step: education for children from Ukraine

  • Step 1: schools and special facilities for newcomers provide initial support for children in a safe and supportive setting. 
  • Step 2: children follow a special lesson plan. This always includes Dutch language classes to help children settle in as quickly as possible. 

Help a school near you

Some schools welcome support from local residents. If you would like to help a school near you, contact its head teacher or school board directly.