Work and income for refugees from Ukraine

Subsistence allowance for food and clothing

  • Adults and children get €260 per person per month: €205 for food and €55 for clothing and other personal items.
  • Refugees get their subsistence allowance from the municipality where they are registered. They receive the money in their bank account, on a money card, in cash or in goods.
  • Refugees from Ukraine who are staying with a host family receive an extra monthly allowance of €215 per adult and €55 per child, to cover other personal costs like public transport, family visits and sport. Refugees can use this money to help cover to the host family’s costs, but this is not compulsory.
  • Refugees must inform the municipality if they move out of their accommodation or start a paid job. Their subsistence allowance will stop on the first day of the month after they move out or start working. Members of their family who do not have paid work will still get the subsistence allowance.

Paid work

  • Refugees are allowed to take paid work in the Netherlands if they are covered by the Richtlijn Tijdelijke Bescherming Oekraïne (Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine) In that case, their employer does not need to apply for a tewerkstellingsvergunning – TWV (work permit) for them.
  • Refugees are entitled to a document stating that the Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine applies to them. Not all refugees have this document yet. That is why up to 1 November 2022 all Ukrainians who can show proof of their citizenship (for example their passport) are exempt from the TWV requirement.
  • Employers must register Ukrainian employees with the Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen – UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) at least 2 days before they start their job.
  • Ukrainian refugees doing paid work may remain at the municipal reception centre. They can also move to other accommodation, for instance with a host family, friends or family members, or at a hotel.

Workers’ rights

  • Refugees from Ukraine have the same rights as employees in the Netherlands. These rights include a safe workplace, breaks, days off and minimum wage.
  • Employees who are underpaid or have to do dangerous work should call the Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie (Netherlands Labour Authority) on 0800 5151 (free of charge within the Netherlands) or +31 70 333 44 44 from outside the Netherlands. The Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie monitors employers’ compliance with the regulations.

Work placements and volunteer work

  • Refugees who are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine may do a work placement in the Netherlands. The trainee, employer and educational institution must conclude a work placement agreement.
  • Refugees who are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine may do volunteer work in the Netherlands. The volunteer organisation must first register the refugee with the UWV, which assesses whether the activities count as volunteer work.