Appealing against a binding recommendation for continuing a secondary vocational education (MBO) course

When you start an MBO course, you receive a bindend studieadvies– BSA (binding study advice) after the first 9-12 months. This is a recommendation to either continue or to stop the course. If the recommendation is negative, your school may decide that you have to stop your course. A negative recommendation is given if academic results are not good enough to continue. Do you disagree with the recommendation? If so, you can lodge an appeal with your school.

Last updated on 13 July 2022

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Lodging an appeal

You can lodge an appeal against the BSA (in Dutch) with your school’s Commissie van Beroep (appeals board) for the exams. You must do this within 2 weeks of receiving the BSA. You must also state why you disagree with the recommendation, for example because you feel that you received insufficient guidance from the school.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet educatie en beroepsonderwijs, artikel 8.1.7a

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