Applying for a secondary vocational education (MBO) course

Do you want to do an MBO course? If so, enrol at the school of your choice. Do this no later than 1 April each year.

Last updated on 11 July 2022

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Admission requirements for senior secondary vocational education courses

In order to do an MBO course, you must meet the educational entry requirements (in Dutch). Some courses have additional requirements (in Dutch), such as dance or sports courses. On each school’s website you can find out what the course requirements are.

Applying for a course with limited places

Some MBO courses have a limited number of places. This is referred to as numerus fixus(fixed intake). What happens if there are too many applications? Special rules apply in such cases. For instance, the school may admit new students in the order in which they applied, or may draw lots. Ask your school whether this is the case with your course.

Study guidance

Did you register before 1 April? If so, you are entitled to receive studiekeuzeadvies (course choice guidance) (in Dutch) from your school. For example, the school will check whether the course matches your interests.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

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