Applying for an MBO-verklaring (declaration of secondary vocational education)

Did you stop your MBO without having achieved your diploma or certificate? However, you completed some of the modules of your course? If so, you can obtain an MBO-verklaring(MBO declaration). The declaration lists the results that you achieved during your course. It may state, for example, what you learned during your training, or which (modular) exams you took.

Last updated on 13 July 2022

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When do you obtain an MBO-verklaring?

The MBO-verklaring (in Dutch) is automatically given to you by the school if: 

  • you are younger than 23 years of age; and 
  • you do not yet have a basic qualification (in Dutch); and 
  • you are no longer enrolled on a course.

Otherwise, you must request the declaration from your school’s examination board yourself. 

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet educatie en beroepsonderwijs, artikel 7.4.6a

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