Requesting a refund of tuition fees MBO and VAVO

Are you withdrawing from a a full-time middelbaar beroepsonderwijs – MBO (secondary vocational education) programme or a voortgezet algemeen volwassenenonderwijs – VAVO (adult education) programme? You may be eligible for a total or partial refund of the tuition fees you have paid. Request a refund via Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs – DUO (education implementation service). Conditions apply.

Last updated on 6 June 2023

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Conditions of a refund

If you leave your programme, you can receive a total or partial tuition fee refund if you:

  • graduate before the end of the academic year;
  • become seriously ill;
  • have become pregnant;
  • are dealing with special family circumstances. For instance, illness or death of a close family member.

Tuiton fee refunded in the event of death of student

If you pass away while residing in the Netherlands, the municipality will inform DUO and your study fees will be refunded to the bank account from which they have been paid. Your surviving relatives do not need to take action regarding the refund.

Refund via DUO or directly by education institution

Did you pay your tuiton fee via DUO? You may request a refund of tuition fees from DUO.

Some programmes require that payment of cursusgeld (course fees) to the education institution directly and not via DUO. If you want to request a refund of course fees you must ask the education institution for a refund directly.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Les- en cursusgeldwet

Uitvoeringsbesluit Les- en cursusgeldwet 2000

Regeling Les- en cursusgeldwet

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