An alternative or conditional sentence

With regard to alternative or conditional sentences, the Netherlands may decide to take over the conditions from a country that is a Member State of the European Union.

An alternative or conditional sentence

Dutch citizens, upon whom the obligation to report, or a community order, has been imposed, will in that case be permitted to fulfil these conditions with the Dutch Probation Service or the police in the Netherlands. The Public Prosecution Service will decide on the recognition of the court judgment within sixty days from receipt of the transfer request.

Conditions to enable a sentenced person to serve an alternative or conditional sentence in the Netherlands on the basis of the WETS

A sentenced person may serve his alternative or conditional sentence in the Netherlands if the following conditions are met:

  • The sentenced person is a Dutch citizen (or a foreign national with a Dutch residence permit)
  • The sentenced person is domiciled or habitually resident in the Netherlands.
  • The sentenced person has returned to the Netherlands or wishes to return to the Netherlands.
  • The European Member State where the sentence has been imposed has transposed the agreements of the European Convention into national legislation.
  • It is no longer possible to appeal against the sentence (the judgment is final).
  • The community order is longer than 80 hours, or the obligation or the operational period imposed is longer than six months.

More information about the procedures of the WOTS and the WETS

The Ministry of Security and Justice has opened a special WETS and WOTS information line. The number is +31 (0)88 07 25 963.

For more information about the prison sentence and procedures with foreign countries, please visit the website (in Dutch).

For more information about the conditional sentence with special conditions and the alternative sentence, please visit the website of the Public Prosecution Office. For more information about the implementation of supervision, please visit (in Dutch).