Applying for support to reintegrate into the labour market

Have you been out of work for a long time? Do you want to start working again? You can get support for your return to work. This is known as ‘reintegration'. It is provided by the Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen – UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) or your municipality.

Last updated on 11 October 2021

Reintegration with support from the UWV

If you are on benefits, the UWV will help you find a job. You will be given a reintegration plan and support (in Dutch) such as personal support and workplace adaptation. As to who helps you, this will depend on what benefits you receive. Do you receive occupational disability benefits (WAZ, WAO, ZW, Wajong or WGA), you will receive support from an employment counsellor. If you receive unemployment benefits, you will get a job adviser.

Reintegration with the municipality’s support

If you receive benefits from your municipality, this municipality will help you find a job. This support is provided in the form of training, work or guidance

You cannot refuse the municipality’s support. If you do, the municipality may lower your benefits. 

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Participation Act, Articles 7 and 10 

Invalidity Insurance Act (WAO), Article 65F 

Self-employed Persons Disablement Benefits Act (WAZ), Article 67D 

Invalidity Insurance Act (Young Disabled Persons) (Wajong), Article 3.66 

Income Provision for Unemployed Older People Act (IOW), Article 11 

Unemployment Act (WW), Article 73 

Older and Partially Incapacitated Former Self-Employed Persons Income Act (IOAZ), Article 36 

Income Provision of Elderly and Partially Disabled Unemployed Workers Act (IOAW), Article 36 

Act on Work and Income according to Labour Capacity (WIA), Article 34A 

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