Receiving a UWV top-up benefit

Are you receiving a benefit from the UWV and is your income below the national minimum wage? You may be eligible for a top-up. The national minimum wage is the minimum amount you need to live on. You may also be entitled to a top-up if you are not in receipt of a benefit from the UWV, for example if you are ill and your employer pays you less than the applicable national minimum wage.

Last updated on 17 May 2021

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Eligibility for a top-up

To be eligible for a top-up benefit, you must meet certain conditions. For example, your income must be below the national minimum wage (in Dutch) that applies to you. The applicable national minimum wage and the income elements that are included depend on your living situation. Please consult the UWV website to find out about eligibility for a top-up benefit.

How to applying for a UWV top-up benefit

Please contact the UWV to apply for a top-up.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)


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