Water top sector

The water sector focuses on the protection of the Dutch coast, as well as on water-saving systems and water technologies for water recycling. The supply of fresh water available to consumers is gradually diminishing. The Netherlands seeks to anticipate this trend by exploring sustainable solutions to flooding and freshwater shortages.

Water is a market that is constantly changing, while also offering plenty of opportunities to gain profits. The international market is large and growing rapidly: our goal is to double the added value of the Dutch water sector in the period leading up to 2020.

Top team

Since the water sector already holds a strong position and presents opportunities for continued growth, it has been designated a top sector by the Cabinet. This means that the government will make specific investments in the sector, together with companies and the science sector.

For each top sector, a top team has been convened. This team is made up of a scientist, a top official, an innovative entrepreneur from the SME sector and a standard bearer from the sector. The standard bearer for the water sector is Thecla Bodewes. Mrs. Bodewes leads the top team and serves as a liaison for the implementation of the action agenda.

Recommendations of the top sector to the Cabinet

The top team provides advice on measures to be taken by companies, scientists and the government in order to resolve the bottlenecks in the sector. The recommendations, as well as the ambitions, spearheads and a plan of approach are outlined in the action agenda.

The Cabinet and the sector take action in concert. One of the goals is to position the Netherlands worldwide as a leading and authoritative country in the fields of delta, maritime and water technologies.