Water technology

The Water Technology sector provides top-quality water. In so doing it keeps pressure on the living environment as low as possible. Dutch knowledge and technology, developed to produce drinking and industrial water of the highest level, is applied and sold worldwide. This also applies to our knowledge of and technology for the purification and reuse of wastewater.

The international market for water technology is large. It mainly offers opportunities for local and integrated solutions for the supply of water and for technology for the use and reuse of freshwater.

For all components of the Water Technology sector, 4 innovation themes have been formulated:

  • Water for All
  • More Crop per Drop
  • Water & Energy
  • Water & IT

Water for All

Water for All comprises the production of drinking and industrial water, and the purification of wastewater at a minimum cost. The scope of this market is estimated globally at € 50-60 billion per year. The strong growth of this market goes hand in hand with the rising global need for freshwater as a source of drinking and industrial water.

New wastewater purification technology is needed to be able to provide a sustainable, good quality supply of water without burdening the environment. The demand for this technology is in part driven by more stringent legislation and higher quality standards.

More Crop per Drop

More Crop per Drop focuses on a high quality freshwater supply for food production. There is much to be gained by using innovative and sustainable solutions for closing water cycles. And by reusing water in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

As an extension of the agriculture and horticulture sectors, the food industry is facing the challenge of dealing efficiently with scarce raw materials. It needs to make processes more sustainable as a condition for a license to produce as well.

Water & Energy

Water & Energy focuses on making the processes for the energy production industry more sustainable. It also focuses on new forms of clean energy based on water technology.

The use of water in the energy sector continues to rise. With the growth of the world’s population and the growing demand for energy, this trend must be reversed. Alternative forms of energy generation based on water technology are expected to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Water & IT

Water & IT focuses on expanding the efficiency of water technology by checking water quality using automatic sensing & monitoring. It also focuses on optimal control of the water chain (process control). This offers opportunities to significantly improve the processes of water treatment plants. It creates opportunities for a decentralised fit-for-use water treatment as well.